Canterbury Seismic Instruments

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Canterbury Seismic Instruments Ltd (CSI) is a New Zealand based company delivering high performance solutions for seismic, structural, geotechnical, geological and general monitoring applications. Founded by leading earthquake engineers, our driving motivation is to provide complete, end-to-end solutions that help our clients optimise business decisions based on asset status and performance. We work closely with our clients, using the multiple benefits and competitive advantages of our extensive suite of recording and sensor platforms, to deliver the best possible performance and price for each application.

CSI is New Zealand's leading supplier of structural and seismic monitoring solutions and our instruments and systems are installed worldwide in buildings, dams, bridges, tunnels, landslides, infrastructure and seismic networks from Asia to Europe and from South America to Scandinavia and Iceland. Our strong global growth is continuing, driven by these competitive benefits.

Our customer-driven development and growth

CSI's original CUSP-3A strong-motion seismograph was developed at the University of Canterbury for a seismic network around New Zealand's Alpine Fault, likely to rupture with magnitude ~8 or greater in the next few decades. In 2003 CSI was formed to commercialise this technology and provide instruments for Geonet, New Zealand's national strong motion seismic network. The success of these instruments drove demand for CSI to develop a full-suite system to monitor building and structural performance.

We now offer a full range of monitoring solutions based on our CUSP-M platform, which has unrivalled flexibility and capacity to meet demands in any scientific, engineering or environmental application. The CUSP-M system can be provided with, and interfaces easily with, almost any sensing technology to measure almost any physical parameter; from acceleration, vibration, velocity, displacement and strain to inclination, tilt, distance, range, angle position, presence, proximity, motion, heat, temperature, humidity, moisture, vibration, fluid flow, depth, wind, weather, pressure, force, and many others. High precision RTK-GNSS satellite positioning and timing are standard in most CUSP-M applications.


In addition to our own product range, we are now the exclusive distributor of Güralp products for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.  Strongly complementing and enhancing our services, Güralp's products expand CSI's reach into new market sectors. 

Proven, real world experience

Through 2010 to 2012 Christchurch experienced a major earthquake sequence with over 15,000 earthquakes exceeding the "felt" threshold. The largest of these caused extensive loss of life and major urban damage totalling over $40 billion. Our CUSP-3 instruments, stand-alone and in local and national seismic networks, obtained the strongest ground motion records ever measured globally to that time. Our CUSP-M Structural Monitoring Systems, in buildings and critical infrastructure facilities through the city, provided real-time reporting for each earthquake, with instant alerts for evacuation or reoccupation and information on likely levels of structural damage. This allowed the highest possible availability of critical city infrastructure and made a major contribution to the city's business and civic continuity and resilience through this period.

Our real, first-hand experience of living, working and providing systems and solutions to our customers through these major earthquakes has given us unmatched international experience and allowed us to optimise the development and performance of our CUSP instruments and systems, with international acclaim by seismologists and earthquake engineers.