Canterbury Seismic Instruments


CSI: leading-edge earthquake resilience

From 2010-13 Christchurch experienced >15,000 felt earthquakes and aftershocks, >400 with magnitude >4 and >30 with magnitude >5.  Organisations using CSI systems made instant evacuation and re-entry decisions, had lowest business interruption costs, reported high owner/occupant confidence, and had data that enabled faster, better insurance settlements and accelerated their repair decisions and work.  CSI systems, standalone or in seismic networks, captured the strongest high resolution ground motion data ever recorded globally to that time.

Automated earthquake monitoring systems for earthquake response are mandatory in many countries.  Owners and managers protect life, and increase asset and business value, by minimising risks from the “earthquake three Ds” - death, down-time and damage.

CSI’s products and systems are installed in major buildings and facilities around New Zealand, and are used around the world.  They capture earthquake data for GeoNet.  They help keep Norway’s arctic highway network open, maximising up-time on long suspension bridges across snowy windblown fjords.  They monitor dam performance in Columbia; earthquakes in Romania; construction effects in Singapore; and volcanic tremors in Iceland and seismicity in Pakistan.

Performance features


Automated warnings and emergency response activation

Site-specific ground shaking for better design and strengthening

Building response estimates from micro-seismic data

Immediately post-earthquake:

Automated, escalating stay /evacuate alerts 

Automated report for re-entry or equipment restart

Following a large earthquake:

Building response and performance assessment directly from actual data, for faster, higher reliability decisions 

Performance reports for damage and insurance assessment

Continuously, for building managers, occupants and the public:

Real-time, live, relevant building status visual displays and reports



Direct user benefits

Save lives, improve safety, "all practicable steps" OSHA compliance

Increase employee confidence, morale and motivation

Increase rental attractiveness and leasable value

Minimise asset maintenance costs

Minimise compliance and strength upgrade/replacement costs

Minimise re-entry delay, down-time and repair duration and costs

Fastest, best evidence-based BI decisions and insurance settlements

Fastest, best evidence-based repair decisions, insurance settlements

Maximise asset value. Minimise total cost of asset risk.

Proven through Christchurch earthquakes, CSI knows what delivers real benefits. 

We know what is fit-for-purpose.  We know what works.