CSI: Structural Performance Monitoring


CSI Structural Dynamics recording systems provide real-time site-specific quantitative data on the real-life performance of any structure – from skyscrapers to dams to bridges.

Traditional systems have always been a conglomerate of disparate data logging and sensing systems and incompatible technologies.

This results in a mismatch between the requirements and the solution, needless duplication, difficulties in data processing and greatly increased purchase, installation and maintenance costs.  

CSI's unique proprietary solution completely eliminates these issues, with data from an unlimited number of sensors of any type all recorded on a single, synchronised data stream. We offer unprecedented insight and fidelity into real-world structure performance in all conditions.

Developed from our innovative seismic measurement technology, tenants, owners and engineers have the most detailed picture possible to predict critical asset behaviour and inform decisions.



  • One system can meet all data collection objectives
  • Unlimited number of sensors and types on a single platform
  • Digital wiring and Ethernet transmission including WiFi or fibre-optic


  • Existing Ethernet can be used – plug and play
  • Installation process is widely understood, fast, low cost
  • No interference considerations with long cable runs


  • Data in one file - no need to combine and align data from multiple recording platforms
  • Real-time analysis and use of information for decision-making



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