Earthquake ground motion

The EQR range of accelerographs is a new generation hardware package, combined with the credibililty of proven CSI data aquisition and processing software.  We designed and developed the EQR from scratch, to target the economical delivery of truly useful site-specific information.  Compared to traditional solutions, the EQR range offers an order of magnitude reduction in total installed cost, or an order of magnitude increase in measurement points for the same project budget.

eqr90-2 profile top


  • Robust, fit for purpose MEMS triaxial accelerometers, with integrated 24 bit ADC and data storage
  • Full GNSS timing, with PTP, NTP and internal clock options. UTC synchronised data - operate as single units or teams.  
  • Long life industrial components with SLC or MLC data storage options.
  • Rapid installation 30 minutes or less. Full installation kit of accessories included.  
  • Standard protocols (SEEDLink, mSEED, CSV, etc).  Simple user web interface with no special software
  • Secure fully automatic VPN 2-way connection to central server

Download full information here.  


Structure dynamics

Data aquisition that's easy and really works - now there's a difference!  Building on our experience with the CUSP-Ms and CUSP-Me, the SD System is a new generation integrated package designed to deliver the maximum possible flexibility in terms of sensor types and communication options with easiest installation and configuration. 


sdcore front

Using a central SDCORE data recorder, the system brings the widest possible range of sensor technologies onto a common communications backbone and outputs a single, synchronised, time-aligned, data-set.  This results in cohesive and highly-synchronised data, providing unprecedented fidelity of motion, stress and strain on a structure. 

In combination with our own SD range of sensors, the SDCORE can integrate literally any other sensor type (analog or digital) into its data capture.  Weather, strain, displacement, position - you name it, we can do it.   A full list of currently supported sensors is here.  We can integrate any other sensor not on this list - please contact us for more information. 

More detailed information on the SD System is available here



CSI provides a comprehensive range of accessories to meet your project needs.These cover:

  • Ruggedised secure enclosures and power supply (including solar) for the most demanding remote and/or exposed conditions, along with lightweight quick-install options for in-building use.
  • Sensor power supply options (including POE)
  • Communication and connection options, covering cabled ethernet, fibre, wi-fi, cellular, ADSL and VDSL.We also supply pre-configured network switches for use with the SD system
  • GPS aerials and extensions
  • Cabling (including borehole / posthole shielded cable)



eqr90 standard components

A full list of current accessories is downloadable here.We are adding new items all the time - please contact us if you require something a bit different.


Legacy equipment

CUSP-3 Strong Motion Accelerograph.  Download information

CUSP-3X3 Standard Structual Montitoring system.   Download information

CUSP-Ms RS422 Structural Monitoring system.  Download information

CUSP-Me Ethernet Structural Monitoring system.   Download information