This week is an important milestone for CSI, marking the launch of Sentinel, our brand new Earthquake Response and Resilience service. Sentinel equips you to make informed decisions quickly about people and property in the event of an earthquake.

Created from hard-won experience

CSI's been around for nearly 20 years, as New Zealand's only developer and manufacturer of earthquake instrumentation. We also lived through the Canterbury earthquakes – our hard-won experience makes us unique, with real practical local knowledge and solutions. We learned what helps people before, during and after a quake.

Sentinel is our response to the lessons of the Christchurch, Seddon, and Kaikoura earthquakes; a global first for urban earthquake effects management delivering best-practice health and safety, eliminating unnecessary business interruption and accelerating economic recovery.

Are you prepared for the next one?

Earthquakes will happen again. When they do, you need to make smart, fast decisions about your people and property. You need to be sure.

Current rules of thumb based on earthquake magnitude and distance do not work. Highly technical data is not valid for making immediate, critical decisions and cannot measure real-life shaking variation between different buildings across a city.

Sentinel's unique end-to-end service measures shaking at each and every building, instantly comparing the point-by-point shaking to every individual building's design limits using best-practice and well-proven spectral analysis techniques. Sentinel immediately sends messages to the building occupants, the building manager or owner and the structural engineer. You get the right information at the right time to make the right decision.

The specific difference Sentinel offers

We measure how an earthquake specifically affects you and your buildings, and communicate this instantly in plain language. We tell you about how the earthquake impacts you.

With mass measurements across many buildings and across entire cities, Sentinel is a scalable service with something for everyone: critical infrastructure to city emergency responders to business operators to private individuals. 

The Sentinel subscription service is a unique business model. Data is recorded by EQRNet, our network of hundreds of ground shaking sensors.  If there's no sensor close to your building, we'll install one.  No up-front cost to you. No on-going maintenance. No hassle. No delay. Rely on our proven expertise to deliver when you need it.

When you need to be sure

If you're responsible for your people's safety and your organisation's continuity, Sentinel provides information specific to your building when you really need it, in whatever format you need. Know your business priorities and protect your people. Know your family and home are safe.

If you'd like to know more, have a look at our new Sentinel website or contact us directly.