Rapid progress with CCC Smart Cities EQRNet.  The first of more than 150 sensors is now operational

eqrnet traffic signal install
With more than 150 sensors, CSI EQRNet, partnered with Christchurch City Council Smart Cities, is the largest mass deployment of seismic instrumentation in the history of New Zealand.

Using a combination of pseudo-free-field stations mounted in traffic signal boxes, along with building installations, EQRNet measures earthquake ground shaking across the city providing critical, real-time information for building owners, lease-holders, engineers, and Civil Defence in the event of another quake.  EQRNet will also provide an ongoing source of valuable data about ground motion across Christchurch which engineers, research organisations and authorities can use to understand the resilience of the city's built environment.

"CSI is very pleased to be collaborating with Smart Cities to deliver a more seismically resilient future for our city" says CSI General Manager Len Damiano.  "The support and encouragement from the Smart Cities team has been essential in enabling us to deliver our shared vision.  The installation of this first sensor represents a major milestone in the successful delivery of the project".

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eqrnet sensor map eqrnet first sensor install